ENN Power’s Shanghai Major Science and Technology Project Passed the Acceptance Check!


After four years of efforts, on August 4th, 2020, the major science and technology research project of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission “Key Technology Research on High Efficiency Transmission and Combustion of Micro Gas Turbine” (Project Number: 15dz1207200) led by ENN Power, in collaboration with Tongji University, Shanghai Gene Automation Technology Co., fulfilled all research tasks, and has passed the inspection and acceptance by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission.

This project adopts the rolling bearing gas turbine design and applies the advanced high-speed motor technology and automatic combustion control technology, contributing to a smaller unit, higher efficiency and lower emission. The roller-bearing micro gas turbine with coaxial inspired integrated high-speed motor (rated power 150kW, rated speed 51,000rpm) independently developed in this project has met the global performance indicators specified in the project, and has been presented to many companies such as Baoding Lingji Food Co.

E150R gas turbine generator set rendering

The inspection and acceptance team listened carefully to the project report, reviewed relevant documents and materials, and made inquiries. After detailed and comprehensive discussions, the experts concluded that: the 160kW high-speed integrated motor developed in this project has been tested and verified, with an efficiency of 96%; the power generation efficiency of the micro-combustion engine unit with the high-speed motor has reached 27.7%; the NOx emission concentration under wide load is less than 25 ppm; and the high speed motor-inspired inverter based on vector control and space vector pulse width modulation technology has enabled deadbeat prediction and control. The project undertaker has completed all research work and met the assessment indicators of the task. It was agreed unanimously that the project passed the acceptance check.


The successful completion of the project “Key Technology Research on High Efficiency Transmission and Combustion of Micro Gas Turbine” indicates that ENN Power’s advanced micro gas turbine technology has been in the leading position in China and is one step closer to world leading level. The continuous exploration and research on the advanced technology of micro and small gas turbine is the driving force behind ENN Power’s moving forward and rapid development in the past eight years. ENN Power will remain true to its original aspiration and will continue to move forward to contribute to the development of national industry.