Full after-market service

  • Perfect service system

    Great after-market service

    multiple service options provide to customers

    Life-time service support and service

    Complete spare parts inventory

    Quick response

    400-880-6789 service hotline; 7/24h service

    Trouble shoot on site as soon as possible

  • Digitized operation and service mode

    Intelligent remote monitoring service

    Intelligent remote monitoring service platform

    Full-life-cycle data operation of the equipment

    Intelligent diagnosis database

    Perform fault warning and judgment based on operating data

    automatically provide diagnostic informa

  • Professional technical support

    Professional service team

    Professional technical personnel

    Mature response system

    System training

    Operation guidance training for equipment user

    Regularly provide various levels of training

After sales maintenance and operation

service mode:multiple service levels are available (E10: planned minor service,E20: planned medium service,E30: planned interactive overhaul)

Modes  Duration (h) Contents service levels Times
Mode 1 80000 Planned service E10 8
E20 10
Overhaul E30 1
Mode 2 40000 Planned service E10 4
E20 5
Overhaul E30 1
Mode 3 40000 Planned service E10 4
E20 5
Mode 4 80000 Planned service E10 1
E20 1

Internet of things remote monitoring

The cutting-edge IoT and AI technologies help remote equipment monitoring and digital operation.

Planned maintenance project

service level No. Systems Items
E10 service (minor service at a 4,000-hour interval, or at a 4,000-hour interval after medium service and overhaul) 1 Sound enclosure Overall inspection
2 Air intake system Replacement of  G4 filter bag
4 Replacement of  F9 filter
5 High-speed generator module Bearing inspection
6 Inspection of shaft coaxiality
7 Coupling inspection
9 Combustion module Coupling inspection
10 Core engine Spectral analysis
11 Bearing inspect
12 Lubricating oil system Oil analysis and replenishment of lubricating oil if need
13 Clean duplex filters
14 Clean double return filters
15 Compressor Replacement of  secondary oil filter
16 Replacement of  precision oil filter
17 Replenishment of  lubricating oil
18 Complete Gas turbine Evaluation report
19 Consumable parts and other parts if need to be replaced
E20 service (medium service at an 8000-hour interval, or at an 8000-hour interval after medium service and overhaul) 1 Including all E1 service items.
2 Combustion module Inspection and replacement of the igniter
3 Inspection and replacement of the flame tube
4 Inspection and replace swirler components
5 Complete gas turbine Software upgrade
6 Replacement of the consumable and other necessary parts
E30 service (interactive overhaul after 40,000 hours) 1 Interactive overhaul 1. Provide a backup machine for on-site replacement, and return the gas turbine to the factory for overhaul;
2. The machine is inspected and serviced in our service centers. Standby gas turbine is placed on site until the machine passes the factory testing, and the overhaul is finished.