Distributed energy solution for commercial & public buildings

Commercial and public buildings have a large demand for cooling, heating and hot water. The natural gas fired gas turbine combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP) system is used to generate electricity for users. The exhaust heat from the gas turbine can be used as energy to produce heating and cooling through the bromine chiller. It can meet the energy demand of customers and at same time, reliability of energy supply is improved. Through energy tiered utilization, energy efficiency is improved and energy costs are reduced.

Working Principle

CCHP of Micro Gas Turbine

Fuels:natural gas, methane, biomass gas, landfill gas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, coalbed methane, oilfield associated gas, diesel, heavy oil, gasoline, and kerosene etc
Application:commercial & public buildings with cooling and heating requirements
Equipment consists of: micro gas turbine / bromine cooler / heat exchanger / auxiliary
1、Guaranteed power supply and reduced capacitor capacity
2、Appropriate heat-to-electricity ratio, easy to application
3、Environmental friendly with low emission
4、Total energy utilization over 90%.

Application Industry

  • commercial complexes

  • industrial parks

    Application cases
  • hospitals

  • schools

  • train stations

  • Hotels

  • scientific research and technical service organizations etc.

Success Stories

ENN Science Park Block C

The project at ENN Science Park Block C in Langfang, Hebei Province is the fifirst E135 micro gas turbine CCHP project. On the west side of Block C is a three-story offiffiffice building, and on the east side are workshops and laboratories. The area required for cooling and heating is 25,500 m2. The original heat pump system has been operating for too long. The water well is corroded seriously and the system effiffifficiency is low. The maintenance cost is high and the system requires special personnel to manage.

The system also occupies a large underground area and has a serious impact on the soil. Based on investigations and simulations , it is shown that one set of E135 micro gas turbines can fully cover the energy usage. A bromine chiller is used to provide heating in winter and cooling in summer to produce more energy saving.