High-efficiency centrifugal compressor technology

Centrifugal compressor flow rate between 1 kg/s to 12 kg/s. Pressure ratio between 4.0 to 8.6.

High-efficiency axial turbine technology

Axial turbine flow rate between 1 kg/s to 12 kg/s. Expansion ratio between 3.3 to 7.7.

High-efficiency low-emission combustion technology

The emission of oxynitrides (NO and NO2) is controlled below 15 ppm (equivalent to 15% O2); carbon monoxide (CO) is below 50 ppm (equivalent to 15% O2), and Unburned Hydrocarbons (UHC) is below 20 ppm (equivalent to 15% O2). Combustion efficiency is about 99.9%. Moreover, advanced low-swirl combust

High-speed motor technology

High-speed rare-earth permanent magnet motors are characterized by no excitation, simple structure, high magnetic energy density, and high efficiency, etc. 51,000 rpm/160 kW and 64,000 rpm/140 kW motors have been successfully applied to power generation of micro gas turbines.

Air bearing technology

Both radial and thrust air bearings have passed the limiting speed test, maximum load test and low cycle fatigue life test under normal temperature. The radial air bearing achieved maximum test speed of 70,000 rpm, maximum load of 1,000 N, and start-stop times of 5,000. The radial air bearings can s


ENN Power has built a series of R&D test platforms, including a gas turbine prototype test center, core component test centers, an air bearing test laboratory , etc. In addition to testing facilities, the company has built research laboratories including a fully 3D simulation laboratory. The Compan

Full-life-cycle R&D
capability of micro
and small gas turbine

  • Component
  • Prototype
  • Gas turbine
  • Product type
  • Design
  • Machining of core
    components and parts
  • Gas turbine component test center Air bearing test laboratory
    High-speed motor test laboratory

  • Core engine assembling center
    Rotor dynamic balancing shop

  • Gas turbine engine testing center

  • System integration platform

  • Fully 3D simulation laboratory

  • Climate control machining center;
    Precision machining center


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