Special power supply

For the customers who need to ensure uninterrupted power supply, gas turbines have many advantages, such as quick start-up and environmental friendly  etc. It can also be used as a power backup or an uninterruptible power supply. Due to its reliability, good performance and longer service cycle, it is suitable for power supply in remote areas or isolated islands.

Working Principle

Backup / uninterruptible electricity supply

Fuels:natural gas, LNG, diesel, methanol, biomass gas and others
Applications:Customers with a higher requirement for power protection or without power grid
Equipment consists of:Micro gas turbine, UPS, circuit breaker, control system
Advantages:Ensure uninterrupted power supply /produce emergency power

Power supply for isolated island / remote area

Fuels:natural gas
Application:industrial and commercial customers with steam demand
Equipment consists of:micro gas turbine / waste heat boiler / heat exchanger / auxiliary
1、High-quality waste heat is beneficial to production of steam/hot water
2、it can reduce emission and guarantee the electric power supply
3、Overall energy utilization rate can reach 85% or above, which reduces energy cost.

Application Industry

  • petroleum and natural gas

  • mining and coal washing

  • Petroleum processing, coking and nuclear fuel processing.

  • manufacturing

  • water conservancy, environment and public facility management

  • Fishery

  • animal husbandry

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