ENN Power is a global leading supplier of micro and small gas turbines, providing core power for distributed energy systems. 

As an innovative enterprise led by science and technology, ENN Power focuses on the development and manufacture of micro and small gas turbines.

ENN Power has more than 300 employees. Among them, there are more than 100 R&D engineers, 70% of them have master’s  or doctor’s degrees, and most of them graduated from well-known Chinese universities. ENN engineers include many professional and technical talents in aerodynamics, combustion, structure, auxiliary system, control, and manufacturing etc. In addition, our advisors  are top experts from well-known research institutes, universities and multinational conglomerates.

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The world-class R&D platform of micro and small gas turbines of ENN POWER

ENN Power has built up a world-class R&D platform of micro and small gas turbines, which includes a fully 3D simulation laboratory, inspection center for critical parts , engineering test laboratories for core components, advanced air bearing test bed,  high-speed generator test bed, gas turbine  verification test center  and other test facilities.  ENN Power has full-cycle R&D capability including design key components, advanced machining, testing, prototype assembly, complete machine debugging and product finalization.

ENN Power is building a world-class Gas Turbine Design and Manufacturing Facility  in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Lin-gang Special Area for gas turbine R&D, manufacturing and testing facilities for 600 kW and 1.5MW gas turbines. The facility started construction on October 17, 2019, and is expected to  have annual production capacity about  1,000 units after launch. The construction period is about 24 months. In addition, ENN Power’s manufacturing facility  in Langfang is mainly  responsible for manufacturing  100 kW and 300 kW micro gas turbines. Its annual capacity is 1,000 units.

ENN Power has world level gas turbine R&D and advanced manufacturing capabilities and commits to high quality and good service. We provide advanced gas turbine products and energy services to our customers worldwide. ENN power continues to contribute to our country's energy conservation, emission reduction, and energy security.