ENN Energy Power Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as ENN Power) is a high-tech innovative company founded in 2013. Affiliated to ENN Group, ENN Power is focusing on the development and industrialization of micro and small gas turbines as a professional distributed energy system core energy equipment supplier and solution provider.

ENN Power has more than 400 employees, of which nearly half are R&D personnel, including professional and technical personnel in aerodynamics, combustion, structure, heat transfer, control, testing, process and other fields, as well as gas turbine craftsmen with a complete range of work types, efficient operations and skilled skills. ENN Power is building a world-class gas turbine development and manufacture center in Lingang Special Area, Shanghai for development of serialized gas turbines and production of small gas turbines. Besides, ENN Power has built an intelligent manufacture center in Langfang, Hebei for mass production of micro gas turbines with a production capacity of2500 units per year.

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Over the past few years, ENN Power has achieved full-cycle R&D, intelligent production and engineering services from micro to small gas turbines. ENN Power undertakes the National 973 Science and Technology project and Shanghai's major science and technology projects, and has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. The micro and small gas turbines developed by ENN Power have completely independent intellectual property rights. ENN Power has obtained international CE certification, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) performance certification, and nearly a hundred patent authorizations, which is at the leading level of domestic industry.

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ENN Power’s ubiquitous energy solution based on gas turbines can achieve overall utilization of system energy with demand orientation, adaptation to local conditions, and the principle of tiered utilization. Commercial applications have been realized in many fields such as industry, commerce, oil and natural gas exploitation, and low and medium calorific value fuel utilization. The comprehensive energy utilization efficiency can reach more than 90%, helping enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency while meeting national energy conservation and environmental protection requirements.

ENN Power has been paying attention to and empowering enterprises to make a comprehensive green transformation in high-quality development. Adhering to the ENN approach of stemming from customers, helping each other succeed, and creating an ecosystem together, focusing on the needs of various industries for energy conservation, emission reduction and low carbon, and featuring world-class gas turbine R&D capabilities, intelligent manufacturing capabilities, and engineering service capabilities, ENN Power is providing customers with stable, reliable, technical and economical micro and small gas turbine products and energy services, promoting various industries to green, low carbon, and intelligent transformation, supporting the national goal of carbon neutrality and carbon emission peak, and contributing to national energy conservation, emission reduction, energy security, as well as climate change globally.

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