Solutions for petroleum, coal mining & natural gas industries

In the petrochemical, coal mining and natural gas industries, there are a large amount of  combustible gas, such as petroleum associated gas, coalbed methane, etc.  There are many problems such as insufficient power supply or  without an electricity grid. However, there is still certain heat demand. The use of these gases to generate electricity  through ENN Power’s micro gas turbines can meet  this demand

Working Principle

Petroleum, coal mine & natural gas industries

Fuels:Petroleum associated gas, BOG, coalbed methane
Applications:Customers with a large amount of combustible gas during mining, machining, storage, and transportation of fuels.
Equipment composition:Micro gas turbine / fuel processing equipment / wa

Application Industry

  • petroleum processing, coking and nuclear fuel industries

  • petroleum and natural gas

  • Mining and washing of coal

Success Stories