Distributed energy solution for industries &industrial parks

Industries and industry parks require a large amount of energy of different forms, such as electricity and heat that use gas distributed energy supply. When the gas turbine generates electricity, the high-temperature exhaust gas passes the waste heat equipment to produce steam or hot water for customers, and to meet users’ drying demand. Compared with separated production of  electricity and heat, it effectively avoids heat loss caused by pure heating or power generation, thus greatly improving energy utilization efficiency. Because it is close to users, it can match energy consumption needs of production and reduce electricity transmission losses.  It can reduce the energy cost and emissions. At the same time, for industrial users with insufficient capacitor capacity, the grid capacity can be expanded which has good social, economic and environmental benefits.

Working Principle

Cogeneration of Power - Steam/Hot Water of Micro Gas Turbine

Fuels:natural gas, methane, biomass gas, landfill gas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, coalbed methane, oilfield associated gas, diesel oil, heavy oil, gasoline, and kerosene etc.
Application:industrial and commercial customers with steam demand
Equipment consists of:1、micro gas turbine;2、waste heat boiler;3、heat exchanger;4、auxiliary
1、High-quality waste heat is beneficial to production of steam/hot water
2、it can reduce emission and guarantee the electric power supply
3、Overall energy utilization rate can reach 85% or above, which reduces energy cost.。

Cogeneration of Power - Hot Air by Micro Gas Turbine

Fuels:natural gas, methane, biomass gas, landfill gas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, coalbed methane, oilfield associated gas, diesel, heavy oil, gasoline, and kerosene etc.
Applications:industrial customers with a demand on high-temperature hot gas for drying
Equipment consists of: micro gas turbine / air distributor
1、High-quality waste heat
2、Low pollutant emission
3、Total energy utilization rate up to 85% or above

Application Industry

  • Pharmaceuticals and detergent

  • ceramics and metal manufacturing

  • rubber and plastic products

    Application cases
  • paper-making, printing and wood processing

  • general machinery manufacturing

  • chemical, metal products

    Application cases
  • leather, fur and shoe-making

  • textile, printing, dyeing, and chemical fiber

    Application cases
  • foods, liquor and beverage processing,

Success Stories

Shaoxing Chuangfubang Project

Provide safe, clean and effiffifficient

power for textile industry

Shaoxing Chuangfubang Textile Co., Ltd. is the fifirst customer of ENN micro-gas turbine demonstration in the textile industry. The customer is engaged in knitting textiles, textile raw materials, clothing and apparel manufacturing and also does import and export textile business. The original energy supply system is a direct-fifired dryer with a biomass oil boiler. In addition to the environmental concerns and high energy cost, direct-fifired drying is easy to ignite the internal fluff which causes the burning of the cloth from time to time. These cause many safety issues. 


ENN Science Park Block C Distributed Energy Project (CCHP)

Significant benefits  of Combined Cooling, Heat & Power (CCHP)

System Energy Utilization Rate Reaches 91%


The project at ENN Science Park Block C in Langfang, Hebei Province is the first E135 micro gas turbine CCHP project.  On the west side of Block C is a three-story office building, and on the east side are workshops and laboratories. The area required for cooling and heating is 25,500 m2. The original heat pump system has been operating for too long. The water well is corroded seriously and the system efficiency is low. The maintenance cost is high and the system requires special personnel to manage. The system also occupies a large underground area and has a serious impact on the soil.

Zhejiang Yongkang Kaifeng Group Co., Ltd.

Pilot Project of the First E390 Micro Gas Turbine

Customer energy consumption decreased  7.9%


ENN’s first E390 micro gas turbine CHP pilot project entered commercial operation on Nov. 18 2019 at Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province  for  Zhejiang Yongkang Kaifeng Group Co.(ZYKG). Ltd.   ZYKG’s main products are automobile inner tubes, electric vehicle  and ATV tires. . The original energy supply system is a natural gas fired steam boiler with evaporation capacity of 4 ton/hour. This system had high labor and management costs due to environmental issues and  operating at low end of the capacity.



Zhejiang Lanxi Best CHP (Cogeneration of Heat (Steam) + Power) (CHP))

First market-oriented user of ENN

Be the first daredevil user


Lanxi Best Aluminum Products Co., Ltd. is the first market user of ENN’s micro gas turbine  which is significant for ENN commercial demonstration. The customer is located at District B, Nvbu Industrial Park, Lanxi, Zhejiang Province, and mainly engages in manufacturing aluminum oxide electroplated products such as lighting and furniture fittings. The original energy supply system was a coal-fired boiler. Due to problems such as increasing pressure from the Environmental Protection Authority, small power capacity and  low steam pressure, the customer decided to build a CHP energy supply system .

Zhejiang Lanxi Best Phase II Drying Project (Cogeneration of Heat (Steam) and Power, (CHP))

Customer Choose to come back  ENN Because of

Trust in Products and  Services


Lanxi Best is the first market user of ENN’s micro gas turbine. During the production process, the factory produces a large amount of waste. The waste surface is paste-like and its moisture content is over 70% which belongs to solid hazardous waste with high moisture. In the past, the waste was stored in the warehouse before being transported to a treatment plant which occupied storage space. The greater the moisture content of the waste, the higher the freight and processing cost. The waste handling was a large cost of the enterprise As a  daredevil user, the company has experienced the various benefits brought by micro-gas turbine solutions.  Lanxi Best hoped that the waste could be dried through the CHP solution to reduce the processing cost.